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Q: Where can I see a demonstration of the game?  


Our company is in the process of finding more places to conduct product demonstrations as well as teaching players on the basic mechanics of the game.
Please refer to our website for the table of venues and time where we are conducting such roadshows.


Q: Where can I buy the specific cards that I need?


Our company does not sell separate individual cards, but you can trade for them with other players. This will make the whole Generals Order experience more complete and interactive.
We are also coming up with a series of competitions in the very near future. The prizes will be rare and super rare cards. All players are invited to join these competitions and win some of these cards.


Q: What is the size of the card set and what is the category in the card set?


Please refer to the product page [Here ]

Q: How much does it cost?

 Please refer to the product page [Here ]

Q: What is the content for the Main and Add-On Pack?

 Main packs are packed randomly and consists of 58 Common cards and 2 Rare or Super Rare cards + 1 battlemap and quick start guide. Add-on packs are packed randomly and consist of 4 Common cards and 1 Rare or Super Rare cards.


Q: Where can I buy the card?


You can go to the link “Buy Game” at Generals Order website to see the point of sales which carry our game or visit our online store via facebook.


Q: I understand that Generals Order is based on “Romance of the Three Kingdom” concept and story. Will it be possible that all the characters in the story run out and the game stop?


We intend to develop Generals Order to be a popular international game and grow the number of player based on this game. For Romance of the Three Kingdom, the total number of character is estimate to be 700 – 800. For character, we intend to develop the same character with different ability in future expansion. There will give us unlimited character and events for future expansion.


Q: How can I learn more about the game?


You can visit the forum to learn more about the game. Alternatively, you can also go to any of the gaming/teaching session and players there will be glad to teach you. You can also register yourself at the forum to post your views and questions. Registration is free.


Q: What can we expect to see in the next expansion?


In the next expansion as we need to ensure the artwork, card character and event to be fun, balanced and even better than the current expansion; we are unable to announce a date now. The date for the launch next expansion will be announced as we progress.


Q: I am not too good in Chinese but I hope to learn more about this game. What will be a good way to start?


You can find the English translation on learning the game here.

OR you can try out our English version cards.


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