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Strategy Entertainment is a creator of innovative and entertaining games for the needs of the modern industries. Game design focuses on the ease of play, replayability and fun.







Our Company


To be a leading company in the world in creating quality entertainment products which deliver superior entertainment values coupled with development of life-long skills:     

  • Strategic Thinking    
  • Resource Management    
  • Negotiation   
  • Chinese Culture/Language Appreciation 



Strategy Entertainment has a young and exciting work environment with highly skilled employees in various areas. Aspiring artist with exceptional skills are invited to submit their artwork/portfolio to us. Selected artwork will be featured in our games.                          



31 Woodlands Close, #04-07

Woodlands Horizon 

Singapore 737855 

Tel : +65 6264 4470


These are some of the partners that contribute to the making of Generals Order    

- Creative Community Singapore

- The Celestial Zone

Imaginary Friends Studio


Some media reports of our company and advantages of learning Chinese

Sunday Times Page 1, 2, 3




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