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Welcome to “Generals Order” Game World!

Generals Order is a game that simulates ancient battlefield scenario that combines Wisdom (devising strategies), Courage (deploying generals) and Calculation (resource management). 

In this battle of wits and courage, you are the commanding general who leads the army in their conquest of the world. How to ensure victory, change the course of events or turn defeat into victory, is all decided by your each and every action.


There are 5 types of card-types in the Generals Order SCG

Character Card

Equipment Card

Strategy Card

Counter Card

Commandment Card

In the game, General cards play an important role in the attacking of opponent’s castle as well as defending your own castle from attack. All General cards have its own unique special ability to assist the players in their conquest.

Equipment cards can enhance the strength of the General Cards permanently.

Event cards effect are temporary but the effect is far superior to Equipment cards.

Special cards are the only type of cards that can be used during opponent’s turn. They are mainly used to counter opponent’s attack or event.

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